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Discussion in 'Museum of Amtrak Timetables Discussion' started by Ed Von Nordeck, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Do you plan to issue the annual Thanksgiving weekend schedules?

    I have a great number of them, should you need.

    Also at least one Winter Weather TT was issued for the NEC. The one I have is 1998-1999, I think their were more.

    Thanks for the effort.

    In addition to my complete set, have many duplicates for the first 12 years or so. I trashed newer ones.

    Need to get rid of my duplicates.

    Ed Von Nordeck
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    Aug 23, 2002

    Thanks very much for your offer -- it is much appreciated! We do have access to most of the Thanksgiving timetables and one of the Winter ones, as well -- but it is possible that you may have some we are missing. We are currently working to fill in the few chronological gaps in the system timetables throughout the years, but will be in touch once we are at the point where we can begin thinking about these "special" timetables. :)

    Again, thank you!
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    Coincidentally I'm looking for info from the Thanksgiving timetables, would love to be able to see them somehow.

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