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    PRR 60

    PRR 60

    PRR 60

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    Feb 18, 2003
    Some of you may have noticed some minor changes with the Amtrak Unlimited site. We’ve been doing some sprucing up of the site's look and feel.

    What’s changed so far? Some forum names have been slightly revised, some forum descriptions have been rewritten and font colors for those descriptions are being made uniform. The old Links section in the FAQ forum has been removed (many dead links). A new links section will appear in the next week or two.

    Similar changes are forthcoming, and some of those will involve moving and renaming some of the site-related forums. The old section for contributing members will be retired (no posts in way over a year). The Random Discussion and Site Improvement forums will get new names. If a forum has a significant name change we’ll make sure to note what it used to be called until everyone is used to it. The make-over is a work in progress (which means we’re working on it when we have nothing else to do). If any of you see typos or a horrid misspelling (my specialty), let me know.

    One not so subtle change will happen within the couple of days. We will be posting of a single set of site rules and guidelines. This will appear as a Global Announcement at the top of every forum. These rules and guidelines will not be breaking any new ground. The new section will reflect the policies we have been following all along, but everything will now all be in one place rather than scattered all over the site in multiple posts. Once that happens, all those old rules-associated pinned topics and announcements will be removed.

    As always, thanks for being a part of the AU community. We’ve got a good group here, and that’s what make the site informative and fun.
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