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May cash be used on board to buy food and drinks?

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1 hour ago, OlympianHiawatha said:

 Cash makes no enemies!

Unless you are the person in a long checkout line counting out crumbled bills and scrounging change to pay for your groceries with exact cash. Not that I know anyone like that.  Okay, maybe my husband...but don't tell him I narced on him. Shhh...

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All Airlines (in the US) on the other hand are now all cashless for on board purchases on all main line flights. 

Some Connection/Eagle/Express flights operated by baby jets may be “Cash only Flights” (like a flight on a 50 seat “one class” Delta Connection flight I had recently, they announced it that way).

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20 hours ago, OlympianHiawatha said:

And it is always a good idea to have cash as I have been on more than 1 train that had a problem with the CC reader and could not process credit card purchases.  Cash makes no enemies!

Depends on how it operates.  If the reader isn't working then yeah.  I've been there when I was told that there was a limit because there was no communication with the card processor.  Something about it being recorded and then processed when communications were reestablished.  I suppose the limit reduces their liability if it's a stolen card or maybe a card over its limit.

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