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The "Missing" Pacific Parlour Car in Illinois

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Looks like someone thinks the cars are worth something...




From the "fact sheet" available in the above link.



"Remanufacturing the uniform fleet of Hi-Levels to today's specifications will provide cars virtually indistinguishable from Next-Generation cars in appearance, interior comfort, ride quality AND reliability. Plus, the Hi-Levels can be placed in service sooner AND at lower cost.

Built by the legendary Budd Company, the stainless steel Hi- Level fleet has safely, successfully, and economically operated for millions of miles on Santa Fe and Amtrak trains. Today, this indestructible equipment is ready for more, after a complete refurbishment, to provide millions of miles of more reliable and dependable service in a modern, safe environment."


Interesting article, and their website is quite interesting.


I'll believe it when I see it, though.

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Yeah, I'm not sure that a press release from a company trying to sell someone on trying to pull this off can be used as a corroborating source.

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Also.. please note that I never suggested Amtrak themselves rebuild and maintain these cars... I suggested they enter a lease agreement with the current owner of the cars to restore and maintain them.. so Gateway would be in charge of that.. that way Amtrak for sure comes out ahead.
Having someone else do the work isn't magically going to make it cheaper. The costs (along with profit to make it worth their while) will just be rolled into the lease fees.

Ahhh, agree with both views on this point. I try to keep my nostalgia in "check". However, isn't this the perfect scenario for Apple, or IBM, or Google, or any of the CASH FLUSH, marketing-oriented companies to come in, contract and pay for all of the req'd restorations and upgrades, and then "lease" to Amtrak for a minor amount, offsetting such costs and low lease rates by the "Advertising" and publicity that it may generate? Staff them with their own crew. (eww, there's a hornets nest, OK, staff with Amtrak) Not talking coaches here, but PPC cars on EVERY LD route.


Now, us "fans" would have to put up with APPLE's LOGO plastered everywhere on the outside of the car, and inside, but hey, for more PPC's, I'd sell Ryan's soul!


I swear this could work, just need the right sales guy to pitch it to the right people at these companies. Isn't the founder of SQUARE a rail fan?


I'm just saying............

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Oh yeah, if you can get someone else to foot the bill, that's be a no brainer.

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