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VIA Rail Service Standard Manuel

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A client of mine was sharing recipes for a charter were operating for him and was sending me this website. While I was looking over it it has a scanned VIA Rail Service Manuel from 2002. It is very impressive when you look at all the meticulous instructions. Especially for someone like me who works on similar equipment and works as a professional Porter/Steward/Service Manager in the private sector. Honestly if they were hiring and I knew French I would apply.




It looks like the link doesn't show you. But you can navigate to it fairly easily. And they have all sorts of recipes too.

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2 hours ago, Seaboard92 said:

Can an admin please correct my auto-correct error please.


With the new site version, you can edit the topic title yourself now. Just click to edit your first post, and it will allow you to change the title. :) 

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It claims I have no permission to do that. So if they get a chance.

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