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Elwood, IL Intermodal: Inland Port, its advantages and the challenges it present

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Yeah, it's all true.  I live about six miles west of Elwood and you can't go anywhere without driving past a warehouse and semi-trucks going in and out.  They just built four new massive ones in the past six months along my way to work.  It's really turning into a nightmare.

I guess it's better than being in total economic decay--but, there really should be a balance here. And they need to kick in for more infrastructure improvements.  Supposedly they will be building a new bridge across the DesPlaines river, but that's not going to help I-80 at all.  Might help alleviate I-55 and Rt. 53 a bit, i guess.

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Self inflicted.

Intermodal ramp brings trucks, why are they surprised?

Warehouse are operating by third party organization is the new normal.  Totally  sucks for everyone involved.

Get a community not to charge you taxes, and to make improvements in the infrastructure for you.  Priceless.

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