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Communication Regarding Schedule Changes

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I'm booked on 2154 in Mid-November, when I booked the schedules reflected the major ongoing trackwork that has seriously impacted NEC Schedules.


Last Thursday I got an email that showed the new times with the updated schedule. Today I got a phone call and email regarding the schedule changes. It seems that Amtrak is getting much better at relaying this information.

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Yes, the ACN system has gotten very good, and it definitely makes our lives easier in Ticket Land when passengers come in already knowing about the change. Its not too bad when times have been changed to later than what they originally booked, but when its earlier, oh then you have your issues. Even if its just 10 minutes earlier, we inevitably have those last minute arrivals who had no idea of the change and have to be reaccommodated.


A big problem was with Ticket Agents not asking for a phone number or email address when a passenger is booking a reservation in advance. Without any way of contacting them beforehand, there was no way for them to know about the schedule change. Agents are now required to collect a phone number and/or email address when a passenger is booking one-way travel that is departing within an hours time, when there is some chance the passenger may physically leave the station, or when booking any reservation that has multiple segments or a return.


Call center agents used to make manual calls to notify of schedule changes and reconfirm the new itinerary. Thats largely automated now with ACN.

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