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Transferring AGR Points

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Gday there


Ive checked out a few pages to see if a similar question has been posed and answered, and I struck out.


And when I try to find the answer from Amtraks on-line resources, I get diverted to a page which tells me they cant tell me. Maybe because Im asking from Oz and they dont like to tell us foreigners.


I have an Amtrak Guest Reward account. It has a few points in it which I have offerred to a US resident AGR account holder as Im unlikely to ride USA trains again this lifetime. Can you detail what info I need about the other account and how Id go about doing the T/F, or point me to a page on which a foreigner can find this info pls.

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To transfer points to somebody else, you just need their email address and their AGR account number. And of course, you must also pay the transfer fee.


Alternatively, you could just redeem an award for them from your own AGR account! The ticket would be in their name. Then there will be no transfer fee to pay!

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