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Alan Burden Memorial Service

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Thanks Ryan for the post and the song. What an appropriate way to end the service. I only knew Alan from the Gatherings and our conversations on our trips to NY a few times. It is nice to know about his family life and his other pursuits outside of railroading.


Sometimes its difficult to find the right words to say, but I always appreciated those who just say: "He Was A Nice Guy!.


Happy Journeys AlanB

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It’s been 24 hours now. And today it’s been 1 month since such a great friend took his last ride.


I have to echo Ryan’s comments about Alan’s niece and Brother in Law. His niece has an amazing talent. And his Brother in Law has an absolutely amazing voice. His Brother in Law commented that the song played in the video was being performed at the church’s weekly service. And once he listened to it that they decided to add it to the service. He said it was almost like Alan and the Lord got together and Alan said have them play that song. The last words of my memories of Alan were simple. You have Clear Signals and switches are lined and locked normal for your movement.


Alan my friend I know that someday I’ll see you again. And that day we’ll have the beat seats in the house trackside.

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