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Guest Sadie

Parking In Kingston, RI

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Guest Sadie

I currently have a ticket to go from Providence to North Carolina to see my parents over Christmas. I'm taking the overnight Northeast Regional train and transferring to the Carolinian in Washington. I'm debating on if I should change my starting point from Providence to Kingston because I know there is free parking, which would save me a ton of money. However, I also know that parking can fill up at that station.

Has anyone else ever taken the train out of there and knows how often parking fills up? Also is there a limit on how long I can leave my car in the long term parking?

Thanks all!

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The parking lot at KIN is also used as the parking lot for the walking/biking trail which begins at the station. (It is the former ROW of the Narragansett Pier RR.) While it does fill up sometimes (mainly later in the day), I have never had a problem. It used to be my home station for 15 years, so I’ve parked there many times.


There is no limit on length of time. But like anywhere else, I would not leave any valuables in sight in you car.

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Yes, at 10 pm, most of the lot is open and available. I’ve taken 67 many times.

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What day are you departing? I have found that lot to be full but night time shouldbe better bc you won't have trail users there.



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Guest Nicholas

Hi Folks -

I'm planning to relocate down to Wakefield RI area and commute to Boston office. I'm looking at my weekly commute (5 days/week) options from the Wakefield RI area to South Station Boston - comparing MBTA Commuter Rail vs Amtrak - hope you might provide some of your 1st hand experience and insight below:



MBTA commuter rail from Wickford Junction is significantly less expensive ($398/month) vs Amtrak from Kingston ($614/month)



MBTA offers two AM DEPART possibilities (6:35, 7:45) and limited (only one) PM RETURN option (7:25)

AMTRAC offers limited (two) AM DEPART options (6:17, 10:07) and better (four) PM RETURN options (5:30, 5:35,, 6:25, 6:45)



MBTA parking at Wickford Junction - covered structured parking w/ plenty of spaces

Amtrak parking - according to comments on this site is ample & should be no problem if arriving for 6:17 am commute).


Questions -


1) Does offer any little known package deals for monthly riders?

2) what is the cost for parking at Amtrak-Kingston Station?

3) what is cost for parking at MBTA Wickford junction?

4) other important considerations?


Thank you for taking the time to respond - much appreciated


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I’m not sure if there is a parking fee at the Wickford Jct garage, but I am 100% certain of the parking fee at Kingston. That is $-000!:)

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