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Positive article on AGR Credit Cards

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I recently called in on my card. You can't product change it or transfer the credit line.

What do you mean by this? I just got the paid card back in September, but after a year, I'm going to downgrade to the no-fee card.

I think it means you have to open the no-fee card as a new card and close the fee card. You can't transfer your fee card to a no-fee card.

Wow, that's too bad. Does that mean if I open the no-fee card, it will show up as another account opened on my credit report? I know that metric highly influences one's credit score, so is it worth paying for another year instead?


Yes. In fact, this was a suggestion from the BofA reps.


As long as you don't have too many, the hard pull for the new card isn't very serious. It'll fall off your report in two years. The reduced average age of accounts can be more problematic if you don't have a lot of existing long-lived accounts.

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I'm honestly a bit surprised that they won't product change it even to the no-fee Amtrak card. I could maybe see some hesitation moving it to a standard BoA card, but odd that they wouldn't let you do it even to the AGR no-fee card. Sometimes, though, at least from what I've read on other BoA experiences, it could be something where it's agent-specific (some will and some won't.) I'd still call or chat in and see if they'd work with you on converting it.

They won't. This is not just my experience. There are comments in other threads here, as well on Flyertalk. BofA simply won't countenance any product change on this card.


As far as I can tell, you can't even change from the no-fee to the fee version. Why they have this policy is beyond me.

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