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Silver Rapids & Silver Solarium on #3 (30) at LA

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The Southwest Chief #3 arrived into Los Angeles on Sunday, July 2 with 2 private cars on the back: California Zephyr "Silver Rapids" #800481 and California Zephyr "Silver Solarium" #800333, a dome car. I took a ton of pictures; here are some of them. Private cars might be considered normal here, but I rarely see them, so they're special to me.


The train arrived 4 hours 54 minutes late, at 1:09pm.


1. Amtrak P42DC #144 leading the train

2. Amtrak P42DC #138 behind #144

3. Side & Dome of the Silver Solarium (dome, dining area, lounge with back windows, and some sleeper compartments)

4. Side of the Silver Rapids (mainly sleeper compartments)

5. "CB&Q" imprint near door of the Silver Solarium

6. Back view of the Silver Solarium

7. California Zephyr neon emblem on back of the Silver Solarium

8. "California Zephyr" & "Watch your step" tags on the Silver Solarium stairs

9. Stepping stool with "Silver Solarium" imprint on it










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Nice photos and story. Are these private cars based in LA? Chicago? somewhere else?

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Interesting origin of the Silver Rapids...originally ordered by the PRR as part of their contribution to the coast-to-coast Pullman pool. Since the New York and Oakland thru sleeper would alternate between the PRR and the NYC between Chicago and New York, the car could be seen at both Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal at different times. The NYC did not have a CZ car, but probably had one for either the Overland Limited or City Of SF, which also alternated on either the PRR or NYC between Chicago and New York on the opposite days...


Silver Rapids is extremely well named....all CZ cars have "Silver" as a prefix, and most, if not all, PRR 10-6 Sleepers end in "Rapids".... :)

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