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Original California Zephyr on Amtrak 6/4/17

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On the CZ trip to CHI this past Sunday three original California Zephyr cars were attached. At CHI those cars were detached and put on Amtraks CZ. There was a rear observation/lounge car, a dome car and a sleeper. They were detached at DEN. It was some kind of private rail car trip with all of the trimmings for a group of "high rollers". I spoke with one of the passengers for a moment and he reported that the chef and service were top notch. The open windows in the sleepers seemed to indicate that the rooms were not that much better than what is on Amtrak but its a sure bet that the lounge and dome were luxurious. Anyone know anything about this rail trip?

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Oh my, I sure would love to do a trip on one of those some time. I rode them in 1968, on my way to college in Salt Lake City. Saw one in SLO a few years back, made the memories flow.




After Hubby took the above photo of me, the owner came out and posed with his car. He would not let me see the inside, as there were paying customers on the car.



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Several of these former CZ (pre-Amtrak) cars are used in charter services. And some of the trips are available for anyone in the general public to purchase a sear.


You might try looking for "private varnish" in your web search engine to find more information sources

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