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Train photographer Manda Hart Baldwin

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LAKE CITY [MN] — Manda Hart Baldwin's growing cadre of fans on social media must be surprised to learn she is just an amateur when it comes to photography.
"It's all still kind of new to me," she insists, though her photographs of Lake Pepin, the Aurora Borealis, weather conditions and trains are vivid evidence of her talents.
Amtrak has used her photos on its social media, and awarded her second place in a photo contest....

Trains became another favorite subject after the family took a friend's advice and traveled via Amtrak to Glacier National Park in 2008.
"I loved it," Manda said. "We're fortunate to have a station close to us." Their favorite outing is from Red Wing to Portland or Seattle on the west coast.
"You just get on and stay for two days," she said. You spend time with your children "and watch the world go by. It's an adventure on the way to an adventure."
This winter, they took Amtrak to Florida, by way of Washington, D.C.
Most people who enjoy Manda's photos find them on Social Media ‑ Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



Her work appears frequently on Facebook's Empire Builder group.

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