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New Greyhound Station in Seattle

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When I left Seattle, there were tons of DL3's there. Why did Greyhound pull away the DL3's? I'm think Greyhound just gave up on Seattle and used the G4500's as a link between Portland and Vancouver. Denver-Portland is mainly a DL3 route.


Ricky, you just proved my point for me. The fact that Greyhound introduced BoltBus to Seattle is because they failed to earn money there.


What happened is basically this: Greyhound had tons of DL3's in Seattle, whichattracted the more affluent people because they have always been comfortable. Then Greyhound thought the G4500 would be better so they introduced a few G4500's to Seattle, which worsened Greyhound's reputation enough that no affluent people wanted to ride Greyhound, and there were not enough poor in Seattle to make a profit.


So Greyhound, near bankrupt at the time (2004), decided to just give up Seattle and focus on places with better profits. They pulled away the DL3's and sent more G4500's to Seattle. Then the DL3's went through the first round of upgrades, at the expense of customer service. They beefed up other routes where reputation was not spoiled by G4500's yet. With poor ridership, Greyhound went through huge cuts in Seattle.


Then in 2012, Greyhound decided to tackle the thorn in their side, Seattle, with BoltBus. With X3-45's and an orange livery, it quickly gained popularity. Meanwhile, Greyhound was busy upgrading elsewhere in places where the "Greyhound" name could still make money. It was not until October 2013 that Greyhound has stopped neglecting Seattle. But a few weeks from now, starting June 25th, Greyhound will introduce Los Angeles-Vancouver replacing many Seattle-based skeds, meaning Seattle will not longer be the base of the PNW; the new base is Vancouver.

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Sorry to bump an ancient thread...

Parking will be incredibly limited at this new station. In the tiny lot in front of the station there are 4 spots marked for 1 hour parking (I think at least 2 of these spots will be dedicated to Greyhound Package Express). In small parking lot across the street from the station there are 3 spots for taxi's to wait, 6 spots dedicated to employee parking and 6 spots for 30 minute customer parking.


Well that didnt last long. The incredibly limited parking is now even more limited.

The parking lot across the street appears to now be used as a staging lot for construction project.

That said, in the 3 or so years since this station opened, Ive never once seen a taxi waiting in the cab stand and I only rarely saw people parked in that lot to pick up a passenger.

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