Auto Train Consist Report - round trip March/April 2019

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    Apr 18, 2019
    Here is a trainset/consist report from a roundtrip
    on Amtrak's Auto Train during March-April 2019.

    The southbound train is train number 53.
    The northbound train is train number 52.

    The four-digit car numbers, below, beginning with either
    52 or 53 are how they are known for reservations,
    ticketing, and boarding. These are assigned based
    on which cars are at which positions in the consist.

    The five-digit numbers, below, beginning with '3' are the
    physical numbers painted on the hardware. Presumably,
    these numbers don't change.

    Some of the hardware numbers for the southbound train
    were missed. And only a few of the "nick names" are
    recorded. Alas, no guarantee of perfection is offered here.

    The "Deluxe Superliner Sleeper" car 32504 varies from
    the other sleepers in the following way. The conventional
    superliner sleeper has ten roomettes and five bedrooms
    upstairs. The deluxe superliner sleeper has ten bedrooms
    (and no roomettes) upstairs. They are identical downstairs.

    On the southbound train, we had sleeper lounge 33101,
    which is a conventional superliner lounge with the
    snack bar on the upper level. On the northbound
    train, we had sleeper lounge 33043, which is a
    "viewliner" style lounge with the snack bar on
    the lower level, and windows in the roof. The
    windows in the roof are probably great for scenery
    on western routes, but don't offer much advantage
    on the Auto Train's flatland and mostly night time

    As the writer did not eat any meals in a diner car
    aboard either train, there is nothing to report
    regarding the dining experience.

    The southbound train arrived at Sanford 30 minutes
    ahead of schedule, which was wasted time because the
    Amtrak personnel at the Sanford station were not
    ready to receive the train until the scheduled 9:00
    arrival time. So the train just sat and waited.

    The northbound train arrived at Lorton one hour
    ahead of schedule. To their credit, the Lorton
    station personnel got their act together and
    were able to receive the train just fifteen minutes
    after arrival (forty-five minutes early).

    March 28, 2019
    Auto Train 53 Southbound
    Lorton to Sanford

    South end / front of train / power units
    Coach Diner
    Coach Lounge
    Coach 5314
    Coach 5313
    Coach 5312
    Coach 5311
    Coach 5310
    Sleeper 5346/32107
    Sleeper 5344/32080
    Sleeper 5342/32102
    Sleeper 5340/32503
    Diner 38054
    Lounge 33101
    Sleeper 5341/32504 (Palm Coast: Deluxe Sleeper)
    Sleeper 5343/32113 (Vermont)
    Sleeper 5345/32104 (Oklahoma)
    Crew dorm 39001
    Automobile carriers
    North end / rear of train

    April 10, 2019
    Auto Train 52 Northbound
    Sanford to Lorton

    South end / rear of train
    Automobile carriers
    Coach Diner/38045
    Coach Lounge/33100
    Coach 5214/34122
    Coach 5213/34127
    Coach 5212/34130
    Coach 5211/34119
    Coach 5210/34121
    Sleeper 5246/32107
    Sleeper 5244/32080
    Sleeper 5242/32092
    Sleeper 5240/32500
    Diner 38051
    Lounge 33043 (Viewliner-style lounge)
    Sleeper 5241/32504 (Deluxe Sleeper)
    Sleeper 5243/32113
    Sleeper 5245/32104
    Crew dorm 39000
    North end / front of train / power units
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    OBS Chief

    May 29, 2012
    Seems like a standard consist for the Auto Train. It was that way when I was taking it.

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