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Discussion in 'Amtrak Rail Discussion' started by Lew Archer, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Mark up is right after the initial training. Classroom at Wilmington and then a few weeks posting (on the job training) with crews at your crew base. That is not six months. Six months is the probationary period after marking up.

    On the Northeast Corrider the train crew almost always returns home at the end of a trip. Most likely train crew is home every day on the NEC. A trip is continuous from sign up time to return to home crew base. Also there will be one relief day every week. It will be the assigned day ( the day is assigned by seniority and will be the same day every week for each month, it could change month to month if the another day is bid for or someone outbids for the day held the previous month) since on the NEC train crews return home the same day..

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