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Dallas DART Protest

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I was riding DART on Tuesday (1/8/19) and there was quite a raucous protest going on at the Akard station around 11:30-ish.  Something about "Keep DART Public".

Can't find any news on it.  Any ideas what that was all about?

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Finally found this: http://www.wbap.com/2019/01/08/protesters-demand-safety-for-dart-disabled-riders/

Looks like DART is trying to save money.  There are specialized Uber/Lyft drivers who can deal with passengers with disabilities.

Heck, people are using Uber/Lyft so they don't have to take an ambulance.  I'm all for saving the public money, so long as the quality of service provided can be maintained.  The extremes of hiring people for this specific job is enough people to service the demand, yet having productive work to do when the demand is low. On the other end of the spectrum is that too few employees degrades the quality of service while increasing service and wait times.

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