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Big VIA Order to Lego!

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Merry Christmas!

Now making the rounds on Social Media:


In the latest setback for Canadian aerospace and transportation manufacturer Bombardier “You’ll Get It When You Get It” Incorporated, Via Rail has awarded the $989-million contract to modernize their aging rolling stock to the Danish denizens of interlocking plastic blocks: Lego.

“After reviewing all of the options at a local retailer  – having already acknowledged that we wanted our trains this century, knocking Bombardier out of the running – we decided Lego was far and away the best fit,” said Via Rail CEO Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, making the announcement to reporters in a Montreal-area Walmart.

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2 hours ago, railiner said:

Not even sure if "April Fool's Day" exists in Canada...:unsure:

Everywhere except Quebec!:giggle:

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12 hours ago, Bob Dylan said:

Everywhere except Quebec!:giggle:

As surprising as it might sound to some Anglo-Americans, we celebrate April Fools Day in Quebec like everywhere else in North America:

”In France and Quebec, April Fools' Day is called poisson d'avril. The concept is similar: An April fish is a new, just-hatched fish. If a person is an April Fish, they are easily caught -- or easily made a fool of.”

CBC News radio article (1981)

“Stories like this will be everywhere today — especially in Quebec, where the spirit of “poisson d’avril” runs strong — and we are vulnerable to media hoaxes perpetrated by journalists and broadcasters eager to shake things up from the routine of reporting serious news.”

Montreal Gazette newspaper article (2016)

Christmas greetings from Montreal, everybody!

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