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Differences in Passenger Clientele by airport

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I know a few flight attendants and they usually have that one or destination that they hate working. So far I've heard Montreal and Aspen are the worst because of snobby passengers. West Palm Beach and Orlando are others I've hears that aren't fun.


Where is this hatred coming from? Flight attendants are no longer expected to help with luggage or hand out blankets or pillows or newspapers or novelties. On newer aircraft they're not responsible for the safety briefing anymore. On shorter flights they don't even bother with drink service either. Nor are they expected to put up with any abuse or bad behavior. Interaction between passengers and flight attendants is at an all time low and if any of the passengers in question had crossed any lines they'd have been detained and/or blacklisted long ago. Today's passengers have no power or privilege over flight attendants and our ability to travel in the future is largely in their hands. What more can we possibly give up to make their job easy enough that they no longer hate us?

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Speaking of New York/ Chicago business flights....anyone recall this? I wonder how the "stews" liked working them? :)


Flew one, circa 1965 ORD-EWR; SUD Caravelle.


You sure wouldn't see anything like that on any airline today.


Finally. I remember ad copy for the service stating "Have your Secretary call....". And finally as a corollary question, I must ask how many positions in Corporate America are there left titled as such?

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