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Rail Passenger Association Campaign for Funding, PTC Exceptions,

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Rail Passenger Association Board of Directors has announced a new specific campaign dealing with current critical Amtrak issues.

This campaign is in response to Amtrak’s recent announcement to discontinue all trains where Positive Train Controls will not be operational by the end of this year and as well as the need for insuring continued funding by congress. The PTC policy applies to numerous trains across the country.

What is being asked is for members and rail passengers (that would be you) to contact both our mayors and US congressmen and senators with three specific requests as outlined by RPA:

Key points to emphasize are:

1) Maintain the levels of funding for passenger rail approved by the Senate and House transportation committees (H.R. 6147).

2) Keep the Moran/Udall amendment language as it is; do not let it get watered down in conference.

3) Require Amtrak to honor all Federal Railroad Administration Positive Train Control exemptions.

  • Please: Stay on-message. Talk about these three things and these three things only. There are a lot of other important issues we all care about. Policy about Food service, PTC policy, station agents, frequency, new equipment, Private Varnish and special trains are all important. Many of us also are also concerned about Amtrak Board composition, Mr. Anderson’s leadership, background, decisions, qualifications, or even his tenureand continued employment. It is ok to care about each or all of these things, but please do not discuss anything during this campaign except our 3 key points or our message will not be heard by Congress!
  • As an organization we will address each of these things during next year’s reauthorization fight, building upon the relationships we make now. But that must be later!

Remember: If we lose the fight for the National Network nothing else matters! Focus on the on-message!

If you are able to reach your mayor ask if they will sign this petition.



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