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Mystic River Dragon

Windsor-New London by CTrail and Shore Line East?

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I would like to visit my cousins in central Connecticut (the Windsor, CT station) for a few days and also go to Mystic for a few days. Thanks to my AU friends, I now know that I can get a cab from New London to Mystic. I would like to do both on the same trip, but when I have looked at the Amtrak connections, there is a long time between trains in either direction.


So, now with the arrival of CTrail, I'm wondering if there's a way to take both commuter rails, with a shorter time between trains. It doesn't matter whether I go to New London (for Mystic) or Windsor first, but it would be really nice to get both in at the same time and not have to make a second trip from home on the NEC.


Anyone been on either of these commuter rails? What do you think of them, how do you get tickets (if you don't have a smartphone), and any suggestions for the best way to do this trip?


Thanks in advance, as always, for the excellent advice. :)

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I've just answered a couple of my own questions--I went on the websites for both, and there do seem to be a couple of fairly decent connections timewise--still a wait, but not as long as from Amtrak to Amtrak--and the fares are pretty decent.


I would still like to know if any of you have taken either of these commuter lines and what you thought of them....thanks.... :)

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