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One of my pet projects as of late is to create a relatively in-depth proposal for expanded Michigan Services along the lines of what I posted in the "What would you add?" thread:



Posted 05 July 2018 - 10:02 PM



Bring the International back, routed via Detroit to Toronto.


Add 356/357 and 358/359 to the Wolverine route on the holiday schedule. Utilize the renovated MCS in Detroit as a "mini-hub" for Amtrak, with 350-355 and 360-363 terminating there and 356-359 continuing to Pontiac.


Add 366/367 to the Blue Water route to provide mid-day service to that region. It's a real pain to get up on the weekend to go home and you aren't able to take CATA to LNS (since they don't start running until 10). Additionally, the 8:40 AM WB arrival interferes with class schedules.


Add 372/373 between DET and GRR over the CSX Plymouth Sub. This line sees very little traffic (a couple road trains, a local, and as occasional unit grain). Hand 'er over to MDOT/Amtrak and upgrade it for 110 MPH.


Turn MCS into a mini-hub. Sure, Ford owns the building, but since they're only keeping four passenger tracks, there's sufficient space to make an addition and move Amtrak's offices from Pontiac to the MCS. That would all have to be negotiated though.


360/361 and 362/363 as DET-TOL-CIN, connecting with the CL in Toledo and Cardinal in Cincinnati.


368/369 for a Detroit* to Traverse City service under the "Lake Cities" name, calling at Howell, Durand, Mt. Pleasant, Cadillac, and Traverse City.


I'm looking for information regarding any Amtrak corridor train that would've operated between Detroit and Toledo/Cincinnati. I want to (hopefully) use the old name for my proposed service but the only one I can find is the Lake Cities, which I am using for my Traverse City-Detroit service. Buckeye came to mind, but I'm not sure if I like it.


I'm also open to suggestions for my proposed Grand Rapids-Detroit service, as using the Pere Marquette name could be confusing.


Attached is a map of my proposed network.






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