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Piccadilly Line going with Siemens in London

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UK: Transport for London has selected Siemens Mobility to supply 94 metro trainsets for London Underground’s Piccadilly Line, it announced on June 15. The £1·5bn contract is due to be signed following a 10-day standstill period.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2023 from a factory that Siemens will build in Goole, East Yorkshire. This would employ up to 700 people in skilled engineering and manufacturing roles. TfL says that the order will also create 1 700 indirect jobs in the UK supply chain.

The air-conditioned trains will be derived from Siemens’ Inspiro family, with walk-through gangways. Each set will be 6 m longer than the existing six-car 1973 stock trains. .....

Getting air conditioned trains on Piccadilly Line will improve the ride from Heathrow to midtown London a more pleasant experience too.

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It saddens me to think of all the businesses that no longer exist here in the UK, such as Metro Cammell, who built the existing Piccadilly tube trains.


Those trains will have done 50 years service by the time the new trains enter service.


Ship building, aircraft manufacture, and many other highly skilled craft jobs no longer exist, or are a pale shadow of their former strength.


I have no idea where money comes from these days, nobody here in the UK seems to make anything much!


I am sure the new trains will be nicer, with the air con, etc.



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