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Dining car access for Eastbound Chief

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They really are being mismanaged. Also, should have rerouted through Amarillo several years ago; that Boy Scout traffic is not reliable.

Hear! Hear!

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Especially with no Boy Scouts on #4/5 until July I would be very surprised. They had a fire down there that shut down a lot of the camp.

The fire that shut down the camps...I would guess that it was the fire near Durango known as the 416 fire. DRGW FB Fanpage is talking about it.


The Ute Park Fire in northern New Mexico is the one that burned some of the northern portion of Philmont Scout Ranch. The Ute Park Fire is now 95% contained and winding down. Philmont has suspended their Training Center programs until June 24th, and their backcountry programs until July 14th.

NM is expected to get rain tomorrow from the remnants of hurricane Bud coming in from off western Mexico and the Baja peninsula; these rains could cause flash floods in new burn scars, so Philmont could be in jeopardy from those also. m--

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