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You may want to print out time tables to carry or have in pdf for viewing. I do the same with the Route Guides.


I do print out the Route Guides and never thought I would need to print out the time table. Thanks for your good suggestion!


You definitely want to print the schedules. I went through Chicago in June and they no longer have the printed schedules available at all.


Sadly, I can second/third the fact that printed Amtrak schedules increasingly aren't available at more and more stops, as a cost cutting measure. :( For sure, PRINT OUT whatever train schedules for Amtrak you're interested in or DOWNLOAD them to a smartphone(if you have that), before your trip begins.


I saw Pittsburgh's station still had some Amtrak train schedules(as I did a Pittsburgh trip via the Capitol Limited in May), but who knows for how much longer? I'm assuming those schedules are probably just remaining paper schedule stock, that probably won't be replaced once the stock of those schedules runs out. :( Chicago Union Station had a few left too to my surprise, but like Pittsburgh, I doubt it'll be for much longer. Last time I did a Metra(local Chicago area commuter rail) trip into Glenview, IL, outta curiosity I went inside that station house. That station no longer has the printed schedules for Amtrak Hiawatha or Empire Builder, sadly to say. And to add insult to injury, the ticket agent there was eliminated in 2016. :(


Do have to add, that the Amtrak stations in both Chicago and Pittsburgh had a decent amount of various tourism travel guides in stock! So I never got bored, while I waited 21/2 hours for my westbound/return train from Pittsburgh to Chicago to arrive that night. :) And for as long as I can remember, Chicago Union Station has always had a good stock of various travel tourism brochures in stock.

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Why don't you just print out the timetable from Amtrak.com? I'm not saying that it wouldn't be ideal for Amtrak to provide them, but given they don't, why not just do it yourself?

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