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Okay, so this sounds lame but I'm pretty decent at knowing how churning works--however, this one is spinning my brain around; I'm trying to figure out what points I'm going to earn for the trip I just booked.


I have Select status.

I booked online using my guest rewards number as well as my Amtrak World Mastercard.

Price on RT ticket between OMA and DEN was $480. (not sure of track miles)

Travel is during double points days.


(I think that is all..anyone want to help me figure this one out?...LOL any of you professional miles churners able to help me figure this one out?)





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Assuming both ways are during the Double Days, you get 2 points/$ (If the free card) (960 points) or 3 points/$ (If the paid card) (1,440 points) for charging the tickets. Additionally, you would earn 4 points/$ (normally 2/$) (1,920 points) for the actual train travel.

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You forgot the status bonus. Here's a breakdown:
$480 is spent. You get two points per dollar spent base (960 points), a 25% bonus on that for Select status (240 points), another 100% bonus on the base for Double Days (960 points), and then either an additional 100% or 150% bonus for the card which will post separately (so either 960 or 1440 points). No class of service bonus applies in this case (that's the one other bonus avenue that shows up on occasion). This adds up to:
960 (base)

240 (status)

960 (double days)

960/1440 (card)


3120 OR 3600

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