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Airline offering a voucher? Just say no!

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Voucher instead of a refund? Amtrak's newly announced cancellation policy came to mind.

USA TODAY: Airline offering a voucher? Just say no!

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The answer is simple (at least in some cases). Avoid budget airlines like the plague. . I won't even fly Southwest anymore and they are really not what people consider budget. I absolutely detest their seating policy. I buy a ticket early. They have my money. At the very least I should be rewarded with my choice of assigned seats.


I am flying Delta out to Portland this year. I swore I would avoid them because of their horrible fees for transporting bicycles. I will be shipping bike ahead so I won't be paying the fee but I still need to sallow my pride on this flight because there really aren't other options. Also I paid for the "comfort seating". An option you need to now pay for that used to be a part of a regular ticket.

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