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A Short Walk In The Hindu Hush...

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Stepping down from the train at Tanjore, after a short ride from Chidambaram, I noticed that the station ticket window had no queue waiting.

Most unusual! I stepped up smartly and asked the young lady about booking my onward travel, only to be informed “Today is a holiday, everything is closed, including ticket sales”!

I had previously looked up the location of my Thanjavur hotel, so felt fairly confident that all the offers of a taxi were very inflated for the modest distance.

Being the sort of idiot that never learns, and well used to cutting off my nose to spite my face, I decide to walk to the hotel...

I have never seen an Indian town so deserted! Not a chai stall, corner shop, fruit barrow open for business, hardly any pedestrians, very well observed holiday for sure!

I approached one guy to ask for directions, but he scurried off in alarm, so I walked on and found a policeman, who gave me good information. Getting a bit hot and thirsty by now, I missed my turning and asked another chap, who enthusiastically sent me on a wild goose chase all over town!

I had an interesting walk around the almost the whole deserted town centre before locating my hotel.

Very happy indeed to arrive, and rest up in air conditioned splendour.

Diwali is the noisiest, most explosive festival, but if you arrive the next day, all is hush...





More pics can be seen here:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155837062014120.1073741907.682004119&type=1&l=077d34cd83



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Beautiful photos. Thank you for allowing me to be an armchair tourist on your trips to the East!

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Just in case anyone was wondering, the strange title of my item is a tip 'o the hat to Eric Newby's book, "A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush". :D

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I was prompted by your post to obtain copies of Eric Newby's books which I had NOT read, and I will be running those through my Kindle. Paul Theroux has pretty much pooped out at this point.

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