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Baltimore Metro to close for a month for emergency repairs

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Baltimore’s entire Metro SubwayLink system will remain closed for a month, the Maryland Transit Administration announced Sunday, after safety inspections showed sections of track needed emergency repairs that couldn’t wait until this summer



For those who aren't familiar with the Baltimore area, the Baltimore Metro is a single-line heavy-rail route, running about 15 miles from downtown Baltimore to the northwest suburbs. It is physically separate from the light rail system that serves Penn Station, BWI Airport, Camden Yards, etc.


It sounds as though years of deferred maintenance have finally caught up with them...fortunately, not in the form of an accident.



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Messes up my trip to Baltimore on Weds. Luckily I saw this on FB yesterday and was able to figure out which bus I can use instead - no wanting to take a chance that the bus bridge bus will be full. Of course the regular buses will probably be crowded. At least I won’t be there during peak hours.



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