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G'day from mcropod

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G'day from an Oz-based new member.

I'm due to start a month-long trek across a bit more than 19,000 kms (just under 12,000 miles) of Amtrak and Via Rail in April/May this year. I hit my first train on 25 April and get off my last on 21 May.

I've been sussing out the valuable advice on this site over the past few days, and I'd like to thank the various contributors for taking the time to provide it. I've added a couple of things to my go-bag as a consequence.


I've booked the following:

#185 NER - PHL to WAS

#29 CL - WAS to CHI


#421 TE - CHI to LAX


#14 CS - LAX to SAC


#6 CZ - SAC to CHI


#27 EB - CHI to PDX


#500 (plus a bus) Cascades - PDX to VAC

#2 The Canadian - VAC to TWO

I've also got a couple of shorties on Via Rail in and around Toronto before getting back to Philadelphia (sadly, by air) for the flight back home to Oz.

I hope to get a chance to ride Chicago's El on my two stop-overs there, but I reckon I can pick up a day-ticket on the day. I'll likely not bust 20,000 kms, but I'll definitely bust 12,000 miles :-)

I have a couple of rellos in Philadelphia and another close to Sacramento which is why things work out as they do. I'd probably have had a different series of trips but for that.

I might post a few questions over the next week or so and I'd be grateful for any responses.

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