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Avalanche hits Zermott - 13,000 tourists trapped for days

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Community workers removed snow off paths in Zermatt, Switzerland yesterday. Due to heavy snowfall and rain showers, Zermatt could only be reached by air. Swiss authorities have closed ski slopes, hiking trails, cable cars, roads and train service into the town of Zermatt amid a heightened risk of avalanches, stranding some 13,000 tourists in the town.


The routes Stalden - Saas-Grund and Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell are closed to all traffic and there is a severe avalanche danger in place.


The following routes are also closed: Grengiols - Viertel, Zermatt - Furi and Binn - Imfeld Ausserbinn - Binn and Bister - Grengiols.


The routes from Stalden - Törbel and Embd - Derfji are closed until further notice.


The Simplonpass is completely closed for all vehicles until further notice.




Excavators work to remove snow after an avalanche covered the train track near Zermatt, which had been completely sealed off by recent heavy snowfall. About 13,000 people were stranded at the resort yesterday, but several hundred have been airlifted out in helicopters and the trains have now started to shift passengers.

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Not the worst of places to get stuck in I must say! I have been there a couple of times, though only during summer time.

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