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Hilton removing "Points + Miles" option (including AGR points)

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View From The Wing reports Hilton is removing the "Points + Miles" option which I, and I'm sure plenty of other AU members, have used to earn AGR points while staying at Hilton properties.


A brief quote:


Hilton is eliminating the ‘points and miles’ earning style as well as ‘points and points’ at the beginning of April and will start to award points only (with the potential to transfer points into airline miles still a feature of the program).

Four years ago they eliminated ‘points and fixed miles’ leaving only choices for earning based on hotel spend. Points and fixed miles used to be lucrative on short stays.


So while it sounds like you can transfer miles to/from Hilton Honors, you'll no longer automatically earn AGR points on Hilton stays by choosing the "Points + Miles" option.


A bit disappointing, though I've been moving more to budget brands lately anyways to save money and some of those still offer the opportunity to earn AGR points if I so choose.

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