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Graceland, Memphis. Connected to 18 Travels through America

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Rosie has researched Memphis for our visit there in March, we leave MEM on the CONO.


In our 2 1/2 days there we have two places we really want to visit, the Dr King Civil Rights Museum and Graceland. Graceland is giving us a little trouble though as we are not good traditional tourists. This is in the respect that visitors are sometimes talked down to or herded and some have an air of Disney to them.

I'm sure there is a need for treating people how they do but it just doesn't suit us, it's not a criticism of modern toruism. So now we have a problem as we really want to visit Graceland but have read many reviews on TripAdvisor that herding and Disneyfying is prevalent. Can't say we always trust TripAdvisor but there are many reviews.


If any reading this forum have visited Graceland in the last year or two do you have an opinion? The reason I ask here is we trust opinions on this forum, never been put wrong yet and have always benefitted from advice here.



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The "Disney/Herd" comparison is spot on Jamie, but it's still worth a visit to such a famous site.(Sun Records, Bar-B-Q Rib Joints and Beale Street are also must sees in Memphis.)


IMHO, the prices charged are too high, but Priscilla Presely is a Marketing Genius as the "Dead Elvis" rakes in more $$$ now than did the sad,druggie "Fat Elvis" who died broke thanks to the infamous Colonel Tom Parker.


Especially tacky are the places across the road where "Collectible" shops and the Elvis Airplane are rip off spots for tourists!

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