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SEPTA King of Prussia Extension

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For those in the Philadelphia area, King of Prussia is home to a very large mall and would be useful, especially during the Christmas/holiday season, and take some traffic off the Schuylkill Expressway, I-76.





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This "extension" is not really an extension...it's a new branch, based on the proposed route. It branches off from the Norristown HSL south of Norristown. So will the service operate as a shuttle to/from the current HSL? (a la the Princeton Dinky) Or will some trains run 69th St-KoP while other trains stay on the current route?

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Excuse me?


For $1 Billion (another source said $1.2 Billion), SEPTA will get about four more miles and five, six, or seven more stations, and by 2040 gain an added 9,500 riders every weekday. What a plan!


Makes me feel better about the costs of New York's famed Second Avenue Subway!

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