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Hunter Harrison is Stepping Back A Little.

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Don't worry, folks! It is all part of the plan! I think it's called "take the money and run!" ^_^



CSX's CEO Hunter Harrison describes key step in succession plan



Here is a brief fair use quote:




"I am kind of - I don't want you to take this wrong - I am trying to stay back a little bit and allow them some room to do their thing," Harrison said.

Harrison praised Chief Operating Officer Jim Foote, who worked for Harrison when he led a turnaround at Canadian National Railway Co, and others he put in place in a leadership shakeup that rattled employees and investors last month.


Harrison's plans to slash costs, boost profitability, and streamline operations at the Jacksonville, Florida-based railroad have led to persistent service delays and disruptions for some customers.

"I am there to help if they need me," Harrison said. "But at the same time ... this company's got to be ready to deal, and it is going to be ready to deal, without Hunter Harrison. And that's one of the steps in the succession."

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