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Viewliner Diner delivery. Just the facts.

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I created a list of the viewliner diners. I thought it would be helpful to have a separate thread just listing the cars and noting which are in service. I put the words in service by the cars I believe are in service. Please provide corrections and updates In this thread only. There is another thread that is being used for speculation and discussion.

I hope this is taken as a step to help. Moderators, if you see fit you can pin this thread too.

8400 Indianapolis in service (restored Vierwliner I)
68000 Albany
68001 Annapolis, in service
68002 Atlanta, in service
68003 Augusta, in service
68004 Baton Rouge, in service
68005 Boston, in service
68006 Charleston, in service
68007 Columbia, in service
68008 Columbus, in service
68009 Concord
68010 Dover
68011 Frankfort
68012 Harrisburg, in service
68013 Hartford, in service
68014 Jackson, in service
68015 Lansing, in service
68016 Madison, in service
68017 Montgomery, in service
68018 Montpelier, in service
68019 Nashville, in service
68020 Providence
68021 Raleigh, in service
68022 Richmond
68023 Springfield
68024 Tallahassee, in service

MODERATOR NOTE: Staff encourages members to post any updates to this list. In order to keep this thread "clean," after the list has been updated based on a member's post, we will delete the post. Also, we will indicate a car "in service" if the dining car has ever been in service (except Albany), whether or not it is in service on a particular day.


Thank you Steve for getting this started and thank you to the members who have provided updates.

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Update in service list

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In case you lose track, you can always bring this list upto date by taking a peak at Dave Warner's ABTN page on OTOL:




Look at the Viewliner section of the tables, and you can see the gory details about manufacture release and acceptance in service dates for each car. Unfortunately, no actual entry in service date, which is typically a while after acceptance.


Dave diligently updates it at least once a month, and sometimes more often with all these gory details.

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1st Revenue Runs:

68000 Albany:

68001 Annapolis: 98(05DEC2016)

68002 Atlanta: 98(28MAY2017)

68003 Augusta: 98(21MAY2017)

68004 Baton Rouge: 98(13JUL2017)

68005 Boston: 98(10JUL2017)

68006 Charleston: 97(06OCT2017)

68007 Columbia: 98(29SEP2017)

68008 Columbus: 98(17OCT2017)

68009 Concord: 98(10SEP2018)

68010 Dover:

68011 Frankfort:

68012 Harrisburg: 98(30NOV2017)

68013 Hartford: 98(22NOV2017)

68014 Jackson: 98(11JAN2018)

68015 Lansing: 98(26JAN2018)

68016 Madison: 98(17FEB2018)

68017 Montgomery: 98(03MAR2018)

68018 Montpelier: 97(25APR2018)

68019 Nashville: 98(10APR2018)

68020 Providence: 448(01JUN2018)

68021 Raleigh: 448(03JUN2018)

68022 Richmond: 449(12AUG2018)

68023 Springfield: 98(04SEP2018)

68024 Tallahassee: 98(05SEP2018)



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Now that 97 is out of the yard, we've hit a landmark. All eastern trains normally equipped with diners operating on the calendar day of 11/23 were equipped with Viewliner dining cars.


Here is our 11/23 scorecard:


68000 Albany: CAF
68001 Annapolis: 19(23)
68002 Atlanta: 98(23)
68003 Augusta: 97(22)
68004 Baton Rouge: 20(23)
68005 Boston: Shopped
68006 Charleston: 97(23)
68007 Columbia: 19(22)
68008 Columbus: Protect NYP
68012 Harrisburg: Protect HIA
68013 Hartford: NYP off 98(22)


Crescent sets:
19(22) 68007 Columbia

19(23) 68001 Annapolis

20(22) 8400 Indianapolis
20(23) 68004 Baton Rouge

Silver Meteor sets:
97(22) 68003 Augusta
97(23) 68006 Charleston
98(22) 68013 Hartford
98(23) 68002 Atlanta


I suppose the next landmark will be the day when the 8400 isn't in the mix which should occur mid Dec.

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10NOV2018 Scorecard:

68001 Annapolis: Chicago(Protect)

68002 Atlanta: 20(9NOV)

68003 Augusta: 97(10NOV)

68004 Baton Rouge: 48(9NOV)

68005 Boston: Hialeah(Scheduled)

68006 Charleston: Sunnyside

68007 Columbia: Sunnyside

68008 Columbus: 49(10NOV)

68009 Concord: Hialeah(Scheduled)

68010 Dover: Hialeah(For acceptance)

68011 Frankfort: Hialeah(For acceptance)

68012 Harrisburg: Hialeah

68013 Hartford: 20(10NOV)

68014 Jackson: 98(10NOV)

68015 Lansing: Sunnyside

68016 Madison: 97(9NOV)

68017 Montgomery: 48(10NOV)

68018 Montpelier: New Orleans(Protect)

68019 Nashville: Hialeah

68020 Providence: 19(9NOV)

68021 Raleigh: 19(10SEP)

68022 Richmond: 98(9NOV)

68023 Springfield: Hialeah(Scheduled)

68024 Tallahassee: Hialeah

69002 Hialeah(for acceptance)


10NOV2018 Consists:

Crescent sets:

19(9) 68020

19(10) 68021

20(9) 68002

20(10) 68013

Silver Meteor sets:

97(9) 68016

97(10) 68003

98(9) 68022

98(10) 68014

Lake Shore Limited sets:

48(9) 68004

48(10) 68017

49(10) 68008

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