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I'm All Aboard This Forum

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Hi All!


I'm really glad that I discovered this forum and am now part of it. My love of rail travel began in 1968 when my grandmother took me on a California tour that departed from the old Michigan Central Depot in Detroit on New York Central's Wolverine service to the Chicago Dearborn Station and then onward to Los Angeles on the Santa Fe El Capitan. That.got me hooked!


In the many years following, I've traveled extensively on Amtrak throughout the country, as well as the Windsor-Quebec City corridor on Via Rail and through many countries in Western Europe using a Eurailpass.


I've joined the forum to participate in discussions and learn about the latest changes in rail travel. Looking forward to future conversations with you using this valuable resource.


Happy Travels!


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Welcome aboard, look forward to hearing about your Train expierences and knowledge!

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Welcome! You'll find that this Forum is excellent. I've had quite a few questions over the years and there always seems someone out there who knows the answer.

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