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She bought me an HO Model Power Shinkansen set. Only, it was painted in Amtrak livery.


It is so weird, I actually really like it. It's the 1964 Model 0 series with 6 total coaches, only I got two dummy cabs instead of a powered cab and a dummy. Any way, it's the weirdest thing ever.

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Talk about heritage equipment! ;)

Heritage of some parallel universe, maybe. I guess we can imagine it being from a world in which the U.S. wound up with Shinkansen trainsets instead of the Budd Metroliners -- which means they may have been in Penn Central "colors" before Amtrak took over.

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They are actually in pretty mint condition. I found a powered loco and it runs pretty good except the traction tires are missing, so it's really loud and rickety. Have some on order. The Model Power couplers space the cars out like an inch apart. I found someone who converted them to Magna Matic or Kadee so I may see if I can do that while preserving the original and then sell a working set.


It is, by all accounts, interesting.

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