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DC to Baltimore MagLev one step closer to approval?

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Here comes the protests:


Anne Arundel County residents express opposition to Maglev project


Please allow a brief "fair use" quote:




Many residents at the meeting were opposed to the Maglev, worried the route could run through their homes.

Maryland State Sen. James Rosapepe, District 21, voiced his strong opposition to the project.

“The proposal to put this in Odenton doesn’t pass a laugh test,” he said. “The faster we get the Amtrak route off the table, the better.”

Odenton resident Julie Mair said she’s strongly against Maglev as a whole.

“Odenton gets no benefits from this,” she said. “It serves nothing but destroying our neighborhood. Our homes are our biggest investment here.”


Prince George’s Co. leaders challenge new high-speed train, tunnel plan



Please allow a brief "fair use" quote:




Several council members wondered why that $10 billion would be spent on maglev, when existing roads, bridges, the Metro system and Amtrak do not even have the money they need.

“While I know the federal government can print money, the fact is that we need them first and foremost to step up in supporting our Metro system,” Councilmember Todd Turner said.

“Spending one public dime on this project would be a big mistake,” Councilmember Mel Franklin said.

“Most of what I hear is that it’s all burden and no benefit to Prince George’s County. It’s hard to come up with what’s in it for Prince George’s County. … We get a lot of impact from potential loss of homes if that happens or potential paths going through communities … but no sort of upside,” Franklin said.

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