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Amtrak train model sets

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Hey guys,


How many of you have done (or are working on) Amtrak train sets? Which Amtrak trains are you most fond of? Which scale(s) seem to work best for you?


I have a train set (non-Amtrak) that I got for Christmas when I was 12. It's put away right now, because the power pack failed, and because there's really no suitable space in my house to set it up.


I've had a general interest in model railroading for many years, but I've never gotten into it seriously as a hobby.



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I'm a member of both the Will County Model Railroad Club in Joliet IL and the Mountain Home Model Railroad Club in MT.Home Arkansas. I put together almost all of Amtrak's trains, as I began working on Amtrak equipment in 1972 until my retirement in 2008. I have a large collection of Amtrak power and rolling stock. I duplicate almost all of Amtrak's trains , except the Acela. Oneof my latest projects the Veterans unit and it iss the only unit I had someone else install the DCC and sound. My friend runs a small train shop in Central Illinois, he is a Gold Star parent so I didn't just by yhe parts but let him install them also



"C:\Users\12-25-12laptop\Pictures\2016-07\IMG_0077 (1).JPG"

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I have trains in both HO and N gauges and from different periods and countries as I haven't been sufficiently disciplined with myself and just bought what took my liking. I'm not even sure how much I have in total but the collection has been growing slowly over the years, with the earliest items going back to my childhood.


I guess at some point I will have to go through it and sell the various items that don't interest me anymore.


I don't have any fixed layout but have a big box of track parts and when I take a fancy to running some trains I will clip together something ad-hoc. Especially when i need to cheer myself up. So I will do anything from a huge oval to just sit back and watch it run, to complicated switching yards that require a lot of hands on operation.


I try not to mix different periods or countries though within one operating session, although sometimes it will happen.


I want to build a proper layout with scenery etc eventually. It's really a question of finding the time, and also of planning it properly. I have sketched many layouts on paper, but was never really totally satisfied.

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I'm in O-Gauge 3-rail, (by choice).


My collection includes roughly 100+ pieces of Amtrak equipment, mostly Amfleet cars and Superliners, plus a variety of diesels and a few electrics. (including an Acela)


While I can replicate a number of NEC consists, my crowning achievement (taking more than a decade to assemble) is an Amtrak Auto-Train, a current-guzzling (by HO standards) nearly 60-pound monster over 35' long.




There are also older videos of my other Amtrak consists on my YT channel.



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