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Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

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4 hours ago, cpotisch said:

So if we were booked on Acela from NYP to BOS or vice versa, how good would our odds likely be at getting two or three decent seats together 48 hours out?

Based on what I observed, you'll end up at one of the 4-person tables as those appear to 'go' last. 

When I  used a pair of 48 hr upgrades, I managed to find a 'double' seat to myself against bulkhead facing backwards on #2153 from NHV as all single seats were taken.  Not bad.  On #2172 from WAS, I was the first one at a 4-seat table...probably because I called 47 hrs 50 minutes prior to departure.  Upon departure, I had a table mate diagonally across from me (on the aisle).  At BAL, I got a woman next to me.  Spot #4, opposite me at the window and traveling backwards, never had a passenger.

So, to get a couple seats together 48 hrs out...call as close as possible to 48 hrs to upgrade.  For what it's worth, I couldn't apply the upgrade using Firefox or Internet Explorer on my computer, nor could I do it on my Android phone.  Apparently, Amtrak has some IT issues or they intentionally, but silently, discourage people from upgrading into Acela first class.  So...when calling, have the seating diagram in front of you Acela First Class Seating. You'll have to figure out which direction the train is going though, and choose first/last car appropriately. 

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