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Here is an idea for an app of any of y'all want to tackle something new. I was thinking of my pastime of logging my trip while on board and thought how cool out would be to combine the social aspects of Waze, the tracking of a Garmin the visibility and reporting of Amtrak status maps all rolled into one.


It could be used to estimate time to next station based on miles made good, average closing speed, and timetable expectations. It would be really cool to have rail maps preloaded with section speeds.


The social aspect would allow for people to optionally be visible on a specific train.


Train stopped because of a accident? Weather? Post while online.


Now obviously it wouldn't work out of cell range, but I think the concept is neat.

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What about a map with all the speed limits to go with? Then you can tell if the engineer is doing his job keeping the train at track speed

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That's a pretty excellent idea.


I like the logging aspect of it, a place where you can record consist info (or at least the car you're riding in and the locomotives) for people that track that sort of thing would be pretty sweet as well.


Someone get hot on this!

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