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Memphis, TN

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I'm going to Tulsa, OK in June to visit a friend in college. Another friend of ours is attending a wedding in Memphis on Saturday, and then getting up and driving to Tulsa on Sunday morning.


I'm considering taking the CONO to Memphis and arriving at 6:30 Sunday morning, just in time to hop in the car and take a mini-road trip with them to Tulsa.


What's Memphis like that early on a Sunday morning? I'll probably have some time to kill before my friends are up and moving, I would assume the area is safe to hang out in, perhaps to wander around for a while and take pictures?


What's the state of public transportation there? Is it possible to get anywhere to do something on a Sunday morning?

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There is a diner across the street from the original front of the Memphis station building....... it looks like something right out of the 1950's. This isn't because they are consciously going for a 50's vibe but, rather, a case where they simply haven't seen the need to modernize. You might try going there for a long breakfast over the newspaper. Don't be surprised if Elvis walks in.


To find it, go into the Amtrak station, go down the stairs to the original grand waiting room and then turn right down another flight of stairs to the front door. The place I'm talking about is on the corner directly across the street from you. It's called the Arcade Restaurant.





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Downtown Memphis on Sunday morning is pretty quiet after a Saturday night on Beale Street and in the joints!


I think Not Elvis nailed it with the Diner Ryan, there's nothing worth a Bus or Cab ride on Sunday morning and everything else in the Station Area will be Closed!


Enjoy the Breakfast and the Paper!

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