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Back after a long absence

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Hello folks: I posted a few times on this forum a couple of years back when I lived in Phoenix. I would take the Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle to visit my son outside Austin.


In early 2010 I decided to relocate to Austin, and took that same train there (unfortunately, my last Amtrak ride to date). In summer 2010 I moved again, to Houston, where I am now. I have been back to Austin but drove instead of taking the train.


I remain interested in all things Amtrak and hope we continue to support a national rail passenger system in this country, because it's still very much needed, and in demand.


Thanks again and I will try to pop back by from time to time.


My main wish: that Texas makes a statewide commitment to improving intra-state Amtrak service as California has. This is only a wish.

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I'd be hard pressed to think of two large market states that are more diametrically opposed to each other than Texas and California. Example: Today California is considering permanently lowering some speed limits with the goal of reducing air pollution. Meanwhile, here in Texas, we've actually passed a law that no state speed limit can ever be lowered for the goal or purpose of reducing pollution. If such a reduction should ever occur it must be entirely coincidental, by law.

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Back again after an even longer absence


Hello again. I'm writing this in the summer of 2018. I left Houston in the fall of 2012 and returned to Phoenix, and I'm still in the greater Phoenix area to this day (in Mesa since 2016).


I haven't been active here because I haven't had a chance to travel very often in the past couple of years. For almost the last six months I've been on medical leave (and short-term disability benefits, thankfully) for a (now properly managed) heart condition, and before I jump back into the workforce there is a strong possibility I'll be able to take a new Amtrak trip, this time to Houston, Texas to visit my now-twentysomething son (the one I visited in Austin when he and his mom lived there, and those visits were my original Amtrak trip reports on this forum).


If all the stars align the way I think they will, I'll be going the middle of August. I already purchased the ticket, as I had an eVoucher left over from a planned trip to Austin for SXSW I had to cancel because I was hospitalized in February.


This will be the Sunset Limited. I will board the train in Tucson and get off in Houston. The Sunset Limited changed its schedule some time ago so that it now departs and arrives in Tucson during the day (or in the case of the inbound trip back to Los Angeles (train #2), early evening) as opposed to the middle of the night. I have reserved lower level coach seats.


I anticipate not much has changed (outside of the schedule) about the overall Amtrak experience. One new concern I have: I am now on a low-sodium diet so it will be a balancing act to stay on that with no designated low-sodium meals on-board.


I plan to take lots of photos and submit a trip report if everything happens as currently planned.


Thanks again and glad this website/forum is still around.

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Welcome back to being back!

The menu on the Sunset Limited should be fine, since it's the standard national dining car menu. It's probably not quite as tasty as when you last rode (if that was nearly as long ago as this thread), but it does the job. Looking forward to your photos!

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