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Update on seeing the Liberty Bell from the outside: I was in Philly today and walked down 6th Street to the end of the building it's in, but they now have a guard posted there, with everyone exiting, and it's not possible to get a look at the bell. However, if you walk around that end to the other side of the building, they have set it up so you can see the bell from the outside, with buttons to push on the wall for a description in various languages. It says this is for visitors who are there when the building is closed, but of course you can look inside at any time, and a lot of people were doing just that today.


Of course, it may have always been set up this way and I just remembered it differently, but this is the latest setup as of today.


I also found a lovely set of small garden spaces with benches that run from Market Street up 5th Street, parallel to the building with the bell--it seemed to be a favorite with local people and the tourists who had found it--a good space to sit in if it's hot and you want shade and to just rest from being a tourist for a few minutes.

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