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Kingston, RI

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Kingston (KIN) has a 100+ year old original station listed on the National Register of Historical Places! IMHO, is also has the best grounds of most stations in the country, with lots of grass and trees. The railfaning here is great, with an average of 1 train thru the station each hour in each direction. About 1/2 or these are Northeast Regionals that stop. All the others are Acela Express that do not stop - but pass thru the station at 140-150 MPH!smile.gif


KIN is also served by 2 routes of RIPTA (the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority - the state's bus company). RIPTA has a stop right at KIN, It is served by 2 routes, #64 and #66. #64 runs directly from KIN to Newport, RI. #66 stops at KIN and runs north to Providence and south to URI (The University of Rhode Island - only a few miles away) and to Galilee (the 2nd largest fishing port in New England, as shown in the TV show "Lobsterman" and I think one boat on "Lobster Wars"). Galilee is also the port to catch the ferry (both high speed and conventional) to Block Island.


There is also a converted rail ROW bike/waking path directly from the KIN station 6 miles to Wakefield, with a future extension planned a few miles more to the Narragansett Pier area.


There are also shuttles available from KIN to Newport and to the high speed ferry to Martha's Vineyard from the Quonset Point Port. (BTW: Quonset Huts were named for the original types of structures built by the Navy in WWII at their base at Quonset Point, RI!smile.gif)

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