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Prices on the Canadian

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I just checked with VIA a few days ago and was quoted a price of 2300 US for 2 people to travel from Toronto to Vancouver in a bedroom. I asked about the companion fare, and that had been discontinued. This was for travel in December around Christmas. This is more than a 5 day cruise on Carnival. Ouch!!


If I do get this money, I will do it though.

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Keep checking the link to “Express Deals” on the VIA site but you will probably pay top dollar for travel at Christmas.




And also check out my post just below this one about the “VIA Preference” reward program.


There is never a lack of people wanting to ride the Canadian……witness the 20 > 30 car trains that operate in high season. If you are not willing to pay……the next person is.


And for a good YouTube video see here……30 cars of perfectly matched Budd Stainless Steel! This is what people are willing to pay top dollar to ride along with the service.


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Travel in november. I'm sorry but the Canadian isn't your average Amtrak train.

Remember that maintenance costs for cars aged 50+ are far higher than for the average Amtrak car.

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