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On my last Amtrak trip(Capitol Limited from Chicago to Pittsburgh and back), I'm really glad I brought an inflatable pillow(that you blow up on your own) on that trip. It made it a lot easier to sleep for myself, since I don't sleep easily on Amtrak trains in coach per my experiences over the years. I still hadn't tried a sleeper(which I'll save potentially doing for those much longer Amtrak trips), but maybe I will one of these days.

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We brought a power strip after seeing it mentioned here. It’s been very handy.


Also brought windex wipes though our windows were pretty clean.

We also carry an extension cord which allows us to “snake” the cord around the roomette so that the power strip lies between the table and window of the roomette. The gaffer tape helps keep it all in place.

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I just noticed, I'm the original poster here. It's been ten years now that I've been associated with this group!!! Do ya think that's Good or Bad??? :P I must say that I really enjoy it!!!

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