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  1. So, for the #6 that left Emeryville today, 2/13, it says Departed 9:10am PT 2 hrs 59 min Late. Why is the #6 late, if it left at the scheduled time of 9:10am ??
  2. #5 is showing Service Interruption at Reno, and there is no #6 info from Emeryville, on Track-A-Train today. The Amtrak website has no information under Service Alerts and Notifications for the Zephyr. We know there is wind and snow today in the Sierras from the NWS.
  3. The camera is mostly covered with ice, but I think I saw a freight engine in the lead when it pulled into Truckee a few minutes ago, headed over the Sierras.
  4. Here's an interesting goal of the Left's Green New Deal... Get ready for this: Why didn't I think of that !! https://www.atr.org/green-new-deal-air-travel-stops-becoming-necessary
  5. Okay, I see. The Amtrak Track-A-Train page just shows the wrong departure time. https://www.amtrak.com/track-your-train.html
  6. Here's a YT video that has some examples of people in China holding onto their property in the face of highway and building construction.
  7. New Rock Island Line schedule finalized to meet demands of Positive Train Control https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/new-rock-island-line-schedule-finalized-meet-demands-positive-train-control To handle as many passengers as it does during the morning rush period, Metra must quickly turn trains around at downtown stations and send them back out to make more inbound trips. The same applies to the evening rush period, as trains complete their trips to the suburbs and turn back to pick up more customers downtown. Metra calls this process “flipping” a train, and it will take longer because of PTC. To flip a train, the engineer must move from the cab car to the locomotive or vice versa, and the crew must clear the train, perform a brake test and conduct a job briefing. With the added task of initializing the PTC system, these “flips” are expected to take more than 10 minutes, so the schedule of about a dozen trains were adjusted, and those changes, in turn, affected other trains on the schedule. A video explaining the changes can be found at metrarail.com/PTC.
  8. #5(8) ran 5:25 late in to Naperville Friday.
  9. I watched the #6(9) on the webcam pull out of Truckee at 5pm today. I attempted to count the cars, but it was almost a white out
  10. Okay, I get what you're saying. I'll do better next time. I was lazy, and just went with the first news article that came up.
  11. Just so I know, what unpartisan source do you recommend for bringing forth a topic that people will take sides on??
  12. Okay, the part I was quoting was from the Resolution Summary. Regardless of what the Bill says, this Summary is a statement of what they want, however unlikely it is they could get that to happen.
  13. If you go the .pdf link mentioned in the opening paragraph of the story, https://www.atr.org/sites/default/files/assets/greennewdeal.pdf you will see, if you read, on page 5, this, and I quote:
  14. #5(2) has been running into delays in IA, CO, and over the Sierras (as expected). 5:30 late heading into Roseville.
  15. Rover

    TEXRail Opens

    Agree. They built the George Bush tollway with not enough lanes, and they are paying big time to widen them. They initially built all those toll booths, and now it's all electronic, and no toll takers.
  16. I haven't put a bill in an envelope in many years. I pay all my bills online, or, I use the bank's "Bill Pay" service, where I tell them who and where to send a check, and that is done at no charge to me. That's worked like a charm for years now.
  17. They said in a news segment today on WLS, that the problem with the Electric Metra, was that the choice of metal to use when it was constructed was based on expected temperature ranges. They said once it gets to polar temps, that the metal contracts too much, and that causes the problems.
  18. Rover

    TEXRail Opens

    Here's a 54 minute video going from DFW Airport to Ft. Worth. It features audio inside the hallway where the electricity is generated as the train takes off.
  19. I see your point jebr. People have to eventually get off the train, and get to the train, and employees have to work outside in the dangerous wind chill. I pray everyone stays safe.
  20. How in the world does Canada keep their passenger trains rolling. Maybe Amtrak see themselves more as a seasonal service, like the Rocky Mountaineer, only operating from April to October. What's Next?? "Out an abundance of caution, Amtrak now announces that Empire Builder service will now run April through October." The "Adventure" of Rail travel.
  21. Today, I took four short videos with my ZTE Z982 smartphone on the TexRail today. I shot all videos holding the phone horizontally.... Something very curious happened when I went to cast the videos onto my flatscreen TV. Two of the videos displayed horizontally on the flatscreen, as I would have expected. But the other two videos displayed only vertically on the TV with black bars on each side, and I mean the image was a vertical view. No adjustment I made changed that strange display on the TV. The two videos that wouldn't display horizontally on the flatscreen TV, were able to be viewed horizontally on my smartphone, filling the screen of the phone, but, the phone info and play button display, was on either side of the horizontal view on the phone. On the two "good" videos, when viewing horizontally on the phone, the phone info and play display runs across the top and the bottom of the horizontal view.
  22. On the phone, I can view the "bad" video horizontally and filling the screen, and that's okay. But the problem comes when I am casting that "bad" video to the TV. No matter what I do with the phone, holding it vertical, or horizontal, the image that appears on the TV screen is the view with the image in the center 1/3 of the TV screen, with the imaged playing vertically, from the top of the TV to the bottom, with the bottom of the picture parallel to the left edge of the TV screen.
  23. The "good" video(s) shot horizontally.... If you the good video on the phone, holding the phone vertically, the image is a horizontal rectangle in the center 1/3 of the camera screen, with black bars for the upper and lower thirds. When I press play, the image auto-rotates to a horizontal view that fills the screen, that looks like it should when you now hold the phone horizontally. If I manually press the screen image "rotate" icon, that toggles to the image playing in the middle 1/3 of the phone, and looks as it should holding the phone vertically. How the "bad" video appears: When I toggle the image, the image goes to the center 1/3 of the phone display. And that's where the 1/3 image displays differently than the "good" video 1/3 image, on the phone. The "bad" video 1/3 image, when holding the phone vertically, plays upside down. Maybe, in the heat of the moment, when picking the phone quickly to shoot the rail yard as it came into view, I might have had the phone, although horizontal, "upside down."
  24. Rover

    TEXRail Opens

    Here's a link to a pdf from Stadler for the FLIRT train: https://www.stadlerrail.com/media/pdf/flirt_texrail_en.pdf https://www.stadlerrail.com/en/products/detail-all/flirt160/29/ And, from the TexRail Fact Sheet: FAST FACTS • TEXRail will feature diesel multiple units (DMUs) with a mechanical unit in the center of the train. • Each DMU has 229 seats and total capacity of 488. There are four entry points on each side of the train. • TEXRail cars feature an all-aluminum body and an articulated train that makes it easy to walk between cars during the ride. • Amenities include a designated quiet car, level boarding, bike racks, USB charging stations, seatback trays and overhead luggage storage.
  25. The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few.